Overview of reviewed books part one: Introductions?

As I promised, the mini-version of my first five reviews, in English!.


 The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal and the Real Count of Montecristo


There is so much information and there have been so many years of silence that the author tries to condense everything together, and the pace of the book becomes really slow and heavy. Still, his story is so impressive and the narrating voice so committed to show this impressive figure that once we're past introductions and sources it's really hard to put down. It works on both levels: as the rightful tribute to a figure that should be more recognized, and as an interesting and entertaining biography with a kick ass protagonist.


Alice in Wonderland


 A children's books through and through, with humor and silliness to guarantee a good time. Its absurd plot and dialogue can throw off some people, but also creates an unique charm and story that deserves the place in literature it has.


The Giver


Of course, as a middle grade novel it can diminish some bigger topics and forget others, as it focuses on the protagonist's point of view. And although it limits our knowledge of the surrounding world, it creates a better understanding of what we do know. It may not be the great dystopian novel that many expect, but as a middle grade it makes a mark, dealing with interesting issues for its target age, and allowing many conversations about identity and freedom.


The Hook Up


As any other "new adult" novel, it falls under many cliches and rarely mixes fresh concepts. It does, however, commit to certain topics and tries to avoid an overlong plot as well as trying to add some pyschology to its characters. It manages sometimes to be almost great, there is a nice pace and doesn't focus on unimportant details, making the book as a whole better than most of its kind. But, with the appaling material that the "new adult" genre has in its ranks, to be better may not be much of a compliment.


The Color of Magic


As I said in the longer review, I may be a little exhausted with magical stories, but my disinterest doesn't stop me from understanding the story as fast, detailed, focused and histerical. When there's a flaw, there are other elements that allow us to keep going, with original ideas, fresh jokes, interesting plot twists and subtle nods to the genre. As many great parodies, it might be better that some of the books it references.